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Reduce customer questions by at least 30% with a knowledge base that's designed for customer self-service. You'll have happier customers and fewer conversations — everyone wins.

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Create articles at rocket speed

It's easy to add text, images, hyperlinks, tables, and videos to articles. Then, select categories, add related articles, and customize your SEO details.

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Surface help articles across your site or app

Address commonly asked questions and reduce incoming email requests by offering relevant knowledge base articles using the Beacon help widget. Want to see it in action?

Beacon: expanded and list

Make sure every customer finds an answer

If a customer can’t find the answer they are looking for in your knowledge base, give them clear contact options to reach out to your team directly.

  • Provide outreach options in Docs

    Easily let customers reach out via email or chat on your Docs site, so customers using your knowledge base can still get help if needed.

  • Gain insight from Beacon activity

    Track which web pages and Docs articles customers are reading before asking questions to find trends and learn what articles need to be updated.

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Launch a help center website

  • Works on any device

    On desktop, tablet, or mobile: Your customers can find what they need no matter where they are.

  • Built-in SSL

    Every site includes SSL support for free, which gives your customers peace of mind.

  • Optimized for search

    Our knowledge base software has an auto-generated sitemap and configurable SEO options for each article.

Sample Knowledge Base Software Website: StarStuff
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Answers everywhere

Embed your knowledge base articles on any web page so that they feel like part of your website. Give it a try with the examples below.

Branded and beautiful

In addition to a number of color and formatting options, you can customize every detail of your knowledge base with custom CSS.

Reach new heights with actionable data

The Docs Report helps you understand what your customers are searching for, what they’re finding (and not finding), and what percentage of customers still reach out to your team.

Sample docs site: StarStuff
Sample docs site: Graph





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More features worth discovering

  • Built for collaboration

    Update articles without worry: When someone else is editing an article, collision detection alerts you in real time.

  • Customize every detail

    Translate your knowledge base into the language of your choice, or edit any default copy to better match your brand’s voice.

  • To API infinity and beyond

    The Docs API includes the endpoints you need to custom tailor your knowledge base experience to suit specialized requirements.

  • Create private collections

    Private collections hold internal information for your team; only users with a Help Scout login can access their content.

  • Create multiple knowledge bases

    Build separate help centers for all of your products or multiple brands and manage them from one login.

  • Upload HTML, Markdown, or text

    Create or upload new knowledge base articles in whichever format is the fastest and easiest for your team to write.

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